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Get Medical Marijuana Before Dispensaries Open in Missouri

Brad K
Cannabis News

With the current pandemic happening, many have thought this would probably mean a halt to all things government / business. Including the development / construction of upcoming medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri.

From recent research, it’s looking like anywhere from July to September before we see the dispensaries first open their doors in Missouri. Much of this reason is not blamed on the stay at home orders, it’s more of a matter of supply. Cannabis plants take around 3 months at bare minimum before being ready for harvest. Many of the cultivation facilities have just recently planted their first seeds. If at all, as of yet. This leaves a gap in time before supply can be fulfilled in a legal manner.  So, you have a Missouri medical marijuana card, don’t want to spend $100 to get a temp card and drive a long way, what do you do? You’ve got two really good options.

Grow Your Own (If Possible) – Growing your own is the absolute best route to take, most cost effective and efficient. However, not everyone can just dive in and buy a full grow setup, or have room / availability outside to grow. In this case, a caregiver is your best option.

Caregiver – With the proper caregiver, you will get substantially more for your money, avoid public lines, etc, request strain specific products and more! There are zero reasons to wait 30 days to go to Oklahoma, or spend 200.00 on a half ounce in Illinois.  If you’re close to a city or larger town, you are probably close to a Missouri Medical Marijuana Caregiver.

How to go about finding a caregiver: There are a variety of private and closed Facebook Groups dedicated to the sole purpose of connecting patients and caregivers.