Kansas City Medical Marijuana Edibles and Infused Information

What are Edibles?

Edibles are THC or CBD infused consumable products. In the past, this was mainly food but now these products range in a wide variety.

Consuming edibles is a very different game than smoking medical marijuana in Missouri. Or anywhere for that matter. With smoking flowers, you have the ability to take a controlled low dose with each hit. However, with edibles, you are left to the exact actual dosage in the edible and that it will most definitely effect you over a period of time, typically an hour, vs almost immediately like smoking.

Getting the Right Dosage

Beginners to edibles should always take it low and slow at first. Meaning, low dose and give at least an hour for it to take effect before attempting to take more. Pay attention to pacakge directions and be sure and talk with your local dispensary employee on proper dosage for the specific edibles you purchase. People most certainly react differently to edibles. Use Caution.