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3rd Street Dispensary Lees Summit

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10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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3rd Street Dispensary Lees Summit

3rd Street Dispensary Lees Summit MO is now offering both recreational and medical Missouri marijuana. Located just a few blocks west of beautiful downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Focused on educating both customers and the public on the health benefits of the use of marijuana.

Whether you’re 21, 91, marijuana experienced or not, you’ll feel welcome, comfortable, and informed at 3rd Street Dispensary Lees Summit. Founded by local Lee’s Summit neighbors, we are proud to bring this industry to the community. We love and positively impact the lives of those in it. It’s our mission to help you feel good and be well so you can “Live Life Good.” Opening in 2020!

Constructing 3rd Street Dispensary Lees Summit

It wasn’t long before the joy for receiving approval of the dispensary license in January had to take a back seat to worry. Because it’s hard to be sure of anything during a global pandemic. Back in March, as stay-at-home orders were mandated and quarantine was altering life as we knew it. More issues, questions, and obstacles arose for 3rd Street Dispensary (like many other businesses!). Would we be able to move forward with construction? How will adjusting to COVID-19 safety measures affect the ability to open?

Designated as an “essential business,” 3rd Street Dispensary has been fortunate that initial bumps in the road surrounding the coronavirus did not significantly derail its mission to bring medical marijuana to the Lee’s Summit community.  As spring turned to summer, more and more of their dispensary space — the old Shanghi Boy building — was restored to tell a new story. A former community gem, the 3SD founders were happy to revive the otherwise lifeless, vacant lot.

Many local contractors have been hard at work to bring the vision of a modern medical marijuana concept to life, from Collins Webb Architecture and Wolf 21, Inc. to Signway and Westhues Electric. The founders at 3rd Street Dispensary have poured so much heart and attention into purposely selecting every detail of the shop and supporting other local businesses along the way.

Patient Experience is Key

Everything about the aesthetically-pleasing environment keeps the patient experience in mind. While maintaining much of the building’s unique character, they’ve created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s sure to offer a smooth visit for every Missouri medical marijuana patient that walks through their doors. Though their vision has been a work in progress for months, it’s finally starting to “feel good,” as they would say. A nod to their motto, “Live Life Good.” Because now, the walls are up and painted. The carpet has been laid. The doors are in place, and the conversation/bud stations are there too. The building sign was installed and so was the electricity. Each piece of the puzzle is finding its fit, with just a few left to place.

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510 Southwest 3rd Street, Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063, United States of America

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