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COMO Grow Supply (Columbia, MO)

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  • 20 E Business Loop 70, Columbia, Missouri 65203, United States of America
  • +1 5738233937

11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Columbia Missouri Hydroponics

CoMo Grow Supply is Columbia, Missouri’s most trusted grow store.
Whether you’re planning your next grow project, or you’re a first timer looking for knowledge to start your indoor garden, we have the supplies and experience to give your plants life.

In-House Consultants Available!

Thomas King and Heather Yu have been cultivation professionals for over 15 years, collectively. They have spent this time learning the legislation patterns of various states, while researching and implementing methods for quality and bountiful harvests. They have come back home to share the knowledge and techniques they’ve acquired through the years. With an emphasis on information accessibility and quality harvests, Thomas and Heather are here to help you realize your garden’s potential, and facilitate your garden’s growth.

Como Grow Supply has all the grow equipment you’ll need to grow your own way. From a great selection of Lighting Equipment to just about anything else you may need.

CoMo Grow Supply Reviews:

  • “simply cannot beat their prices, location, selection, and oh lets not forget…owners tom and heather are SO friendly and eager to spend their time and effort to help and explain. (this is the best part! their prior 5 star reviews are spot on) … That this kind of customer service is almost shocking in this day and age! i usually prefer to shop online because brick and mortar store employees don’t usually offer any additional wisdom/knowledge above my own. Totally different story with Como grow supply, as they have the experience and credentials informing any advice they are giving. I almost never write reviews. But I feel compelled to write this and shout out to the world that they should really consider patronizing this small Columbia business because they are the REAL DEAL in terms of touchy/Feely customer service!”
  • “This is a great shop for all your plant needs. I am new to hydroponics and the shop attendant was extremely helpful. She answered all my questions and gave several recommendations for what she thought would work best for my system. The shop dog/mascot is great addition to the whole experience. Highly recommend!!”

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20 E Business Loop 70, Columbia, Missouri 65203, United States of America

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