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Dank Hydro Grow Store – Troy MO

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  • Troy
  • Posted 5 months ago

Dank Hydro Grow Store

Dank Hydro Grow Store is pleased to bring you quality equipment, nutrients, and consulting to our local farmers. Together we will grow a sustainable future! Let us help you through the growing pains of gardening and get you on the right path to successful crops. Contact us today for consultation- no job is too little or big.

Consulting Services

They offer custom consulting services for growing your own cannabis and more. By allowing them to advise you on your grow tactics, you can easily end up with a very quality harvest. For all kinds of plants!

Nutrients, Equipment, Products & Services and More!

Dank Hydro Grow Store Reviews

  • “Great customer service and they always have what I need”
  • “Good place to get info and has really good prices!!! Also, very convenient when you need something right away”
  • “Great place good customer service will be my one stop shop”
  • “This guy knows his stuff. He also has a pretty good selection of items.”
  • “Great pricing, customer service. Definitely recommend”
  • “Dude knows his [email protected]! Repeat customer this is my go-to store 1st choice for sure”

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21 The Plaza, Troy, Missouri 63379, United States

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