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Emerald Garden Dispensary

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Emerald Garden Dispensary

Emerald Garden Dispensary – We carry a full selection of CBD products including High Quality Low-THC cannabis flowers, CBD oil concentrates, tinctures, edibles, creams/balms, bath bombs, CBD nebulizers, and Pet Products!

Emerald Garden Dispensary Reviews

  • “knew what I went in there for and left with more. Dude was super chill and down to earth. Definitely will come back. My only complaint is they only had one type of wax and it was super runny in comparison to the other delta waxs I’ve tried at other places. Still giving 5 stars because you guys are amazing. Maybe I was just there on a day they were low on wax but itd be pretty awesome if I had more to choose from.”
  • “Better product for less money, hand picked Delta flower that is steps above the competition. If you were mislead by the name of the company then you need to do your research ( very simple ). Don’t give a good business a 1 star rating because your uneducated. Pick up the phone and make a 30 second phone call to see if they are selling what your looking to buy. Will be a dedicated customer, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.”
  • “Bruh, best shop ever!!!. also for all the idiots who gave this company a one star because the name… WHICH HAS THE NAME CBD IN IT!! ALSO DO YOU NOT LOOK AT A BUSINESSES WEBSITE BEFORE GOING? YA DUMB, and also acting like y’all went SOOOOO far out of your way, theres several, SEVERAL of medical dispensaries in less than a 2 mile radius. Diminishing a business because of your own fallibility, shows more of your character than the businesses. EMERALD GARDEN KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!! You’re literally my favorite shop to go to!!! Great prices, products, and qaility is unbeatable for the alternative cannabinoid market! I probably go here at least 2x a week hahaha. Also they get you high LEGALLY!!! LIKE WHHHAATTTT!!!??!?? Haha. Keep doing what y’all doing. People are idiots.”

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110 Missouri Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64106, United States of America

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