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Fresh Karma Dispensary St Joseph

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11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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Fresh Karma Dispensary

Fresh Karma Dispensary St Joseph MO – With a variety of different strains and flavors, this dispensary will leave you satisfied! From vaporizers to edibles, they have it all.

Fresh Karma Dispensary Education

This dispensary works hard to be able to keep you, the patient, informed. Informed of new strains and types of cannabis. As well as what will help you most with your specific needs. Whether that be a good indica for insomnia or a sativa dominant strain for stress. They stay 100% on top of all new methods and uses. Got questions? Give them a shout today!

Missouri Marijuana Jobs – Are you looking to get into the Missouri cannabis career field? They may have openings! Send Fresh Karma your resume via the button below!

Dispensary Reviews:

  • “The first dispensary I ever visited and still my favorite. They make ever experience easy and it has been appreciated by a newbie like me. Their knowledgeable budtenders have always answered the questions I’ve had.”
  • “This is the best dispensary in St. Joseph. The budtenders are great, and I love how they let you see, smell, and touch the product before you buy. I love how their website includes the THC percentages of their products, unlike other dispensaries”
  • “The loyalty they have for customers is beyond excellence . They said on an order I had change left and when I showed up today they didn’t forget about it. Just the fact they didn’t keep it or said forget about him , that is true loyalty towards customers of st joe Missouri #HOUSEASON”
  • “Great location, friendly staff and very effective product. It’s been a life changer! Couldn’t be more pleased! Unless insurance would start covering the cost, then I’d be thrilled!!🍀🤞”
  • “I’ve come here multiple times now and I love every time! They give great selections on what exactly I’m looking for and have helped with any questions I’ve come up with.”

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2221 North Belt Highway, St. Joseph, Missouri 64506, United States

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