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From the Earth KCMO Southwest Blvd

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09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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From the Earth KCMO

From the Earth KCMO Southwest Blvd is a medical marijuana dispensary in Kansas City, MO. They pride themselves on the fact that their business employs of locals to the Missouri area. Being extremely helpful in choosing the right cannabis for your needs, this is a great place to go to. Not to mention this extremely convenient Missouri dispensary location.

They don’t just stop at providing top shelf cannabis in Missouri. From the Earth KCMO Southwest Blvd also dedicates itself to helping to bring attention to those that have had marijuana related charges in Missouri. By the means of helping to fund local community fundraisers, working with local organizations and more.

They have online shopping options, medical card options and more!

Don’t have a Missouri medical marijuana card yet, check out our Clinic Locations

From the Earth Reviews from Google:

  • “All of the staff was very personable. They could answer questions if you had any. Went out of their way to help me retrieve my digital card and printed and laminated it for me. Good sense of humor too. Very pleased with the experience. Good product too. I will be returning to that cool laid back dispensary. Would definitely recommend. ✌️”
  • “This was my first time visiting a dispensary (ever) and Stephonne helped me find everything I was looking for. He was very friendly and knowledgeable, not to mention patient with my lack of experience. I hope that everyone is able to experience this level of service when they need to get their medicine.”
  • “First time being there, front desk guy and I’m guessing manager, who’s name I didn’t get, was cool and helped me out, as well as Sabrina who took my order and helped me get the best deal. Overall great experience, friendly people and of course great bud. Definitely recommend. 👍”

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2918 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64108, United States

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