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Green Health Docs Kansas City MO

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Green Health Docs Kansas City

Green Health Docs Kansas City is proud to open its second Missouri medical marijuana clinic in Kansas City with the goal of helping more patients across the nation take back control of their lives and health with medical cannabis.

With several medical cannabis certification clinics in Maryland and Ohio, Green Health Docs has unrivaled expertise in helping thousands of patients navigate their state’s medical cannabis programs and MMJ laws.

Picking Kansas City, MO for a medical marijuana certification clinic was a simple choice. Kansas City is the most populated city in Missouri and the 37th largest city in the entire United States of America.

Green Health Docs Kansas City Reviews

  • “I’ve worked with this company when I first got my card. And just renewed my card with them less than a week ago. I’ve have nothing but wonderful experiences both times. They were super helpful and appeared to genuinely care about my situation. They turn what can be a complicated process into a stress free and pleasant experience. Goin back to them next year also!”
  • “There’s no reason why someone should be late or not show up. This facility is good about sending you updates and reminders on your appointment. All the way up to your appointment like 30 minutes before. They’re e very nice, very prompt and they return phone calls quickly. They walk you through ever step. I would definitely recommend them”
  • “Very well informed group of people. They were able to answer any and all questions I had. And made the process of applying for my card. Including a diagnosis over phone very pleasant and “easy” if you will. 10/10 reccomend them to anyone in the KC area. I cannot speak for the other locations. But I am sure they are just as pleasant and easy to work with!”

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435 Nichols Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64112, United States of America

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