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Green Releaf Dispensary Mexico Missouri - We offer a variety of services including obtaining your Medical Marijuana Certification with a Physicians diagnosis; along with information on qualifying conditions.

Our staff is ready to provide education for beginners and offer recommendations for existing patients to enhance your relationship with Cannabis. We have a wide variety of THC and CBD Flower strains, Edibles, Terpenes, Vapors, Tinctures, Raw Cannabis, and Topical methods. We look forward to assisting you with your one of a kind Cannabis experience

Green Releaf Dispensary Mexico Missouri - Our mission is to relieve and improve the lives of our patients by providing service, education and safe access to medical cannabis. Green Releaf is a natural alternative to over the counter and harmful habit forming drugs.

Green Releaf was founded and created by a local Mizzou graduate that has a personal passion and respect for the ancient healing Cannabis plant. Our dispensary staff is over 70% workforce from local municipalities that share the desire to teach and introduce to Missouri these amazing benefits. The Green Releaf mission guides our daily business operations with personalized patient approach and top quality product variety.

Green Releaf stands strong with our business values and has implemented them in our business structure.

Continuous Education
Through activities and programs based on learning to support and enhance the professional development within Medical Marijuana and patient relations.

With an open, ethical and informative business environment both employees and patients will have full access to the origin of all products.

Patient communication, education and accuracy with the science behind our products will allow full understanding for patients and employees.

Being consistent and providing a mutual clear understanding with patients and employees through communication and follow the Green Releaf Mission.

By providing a purpose for each individual plant-based solution with our patients as a way to enhance their lives with Medical Marijuana.

Green Releaf has set a standard with the highest degree of excellence in all areas of efficient business operations, patient relations, proactive employees, cleanliness, and all top grade Cannabis products.

With strong morals and principals, Green Releaf is whole and undivided with our employees and patients. We provide consistency on a foundation of ethics, diversity, and equity.
Diversity is the Power That Brings Happiness
As our diversity slogan states, we incorporate diversity into all levels of our business, including owners, officers, advisors, employees, equity partners, and consultants.

We bring together people of different backgrounds, races, genders, sexual preferences, and nationalities, including Missouri citizens from historically disadvantaged and disproportionate areas, to create the best dispensary experience for all our customers.
Diversity Oriented Outreach
We are committed to providing diversity-oriented outreach events to help educate the communities in which we reside, as well as target new talent from diverse neighborhoods. Our goal is to host job fairs and workshops which are accessible, including at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, at local houses of worship and community centers.

Our goal is to engage the neighborhoods in which we live, by hiring local talent and establishing a company-wide networking program where we work with local community organizations and law enforcement.

Green Releaf’s Commitment to Educate
From our dispensary agents to the community we are a part of, Green Releaf strives to be an engaged member of the community and educate our customers and neighbors whenever possible.

We have designed a “Good to Know” campaign which is geared towards providing education on topics such as driving and cannabis, safely storing cannabis, state restrictions on transportation of cannabis, understanding consumption methods, and alcohol and cannabis use.

We also work with local schools to provide education sessions for parents, teachers, and students so that they can better understand cannabis, and questions can be answered. As children are now growing up in a world of legal, medical cannabis, they must have a strong understanding of the medicinal properties of cannabis, as well as the associated risks of misusing the medication.
Commitment to Excellence
Green Releaf is a company that strives for excellence in all that we do. From the diversity in our hiring and management of the company to the products and customer service we offer our clients, we nurture an inclusive and educational environment at our dispensary.
We make strong commitments to the neighborhoods we serve and hope that they are reflected in our dispensary’s hiring practices and community engagement. At Green Releaf, we believe that customer satisfaction is our top priority and seek to give every individual an exceptional experience.
Visit Green Releaf dispensary and find out why we are industry leaders in medical cannabis.