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Greenlight Dispensary Ferguson MO

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Greenlight Dispensary Ferguson MO

Greenlight Dispensary Ferguson MO has a very good reputation for having safe and quality tested Missouri cannabis products. With several locations around the state, their Ferguson location is said to be the best dispensary in Ferguson!

Missouri Recreational Marijuana

All Greenlight dispensaries in the state of Missouri are now approved to sale recreational marijuana to those with valid ID that are 21+.

Knowledge and Experience

Experience: With over 10 years of industry experience, Greenlight Dispensary comes to Missouri with a stable business structure. Making it ready to bring the same relief to patients here as they have in other states. This knowledge shows through their wide variety of top notch THC and CBD products.

Product quality is key when it comes to any successful business. Greenlight knows this and implements nothing but the best to medical marijuana patients. By testing and assuring all products being sold are chemical free and properly cured, there’s little to no room for error. Meaning you, the end-user, do not have to be concerned with potency actually being what is says on the label. You’ll know it is soon enough! 😀

Customer Service

The customer service at any of the Greenlight locations is what I would easily consider to be some of the best I’ve witnessed. From a warm greeting at the door to a very secure and safe environment, you can’t really ask for more. Have questions? They have answers that will satisfy your curiosity! This is definitely a Missouri Dispensary worth checking out!

Their knowledge goes far beyond that of Missouri marijuana. They employ staff that have been brought in from other states. Who have a foundation in legal marijuana and the experience that comes with it. With skilled employees and management, it’s not hard to see why each and every visit you make here will subsequently be one worth remembering.

On the website of Greenlight Dispensary Ferguson MO, you can also find an education tab. this tab provides you with the information on how they go about growing their top-quality Missouri marijuana. This is provided via a small video series that really doesn’t take much time to watch to its entirety. Definitely advisable to those that are curious on the subject!

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517 South Florissant Road, Ferguson, Missouri 63135, United States

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