Greenlight Dispensary Harrisonville MO comes to the medical market with nearly a decade of cannabis experience spanning several states where medical cannabis sales are already legal. Our executive team comes to Greenlight from the wildly successful Acres Cannabis of Las Vegas, Nevada. Through traditional business sense and inovative ideas such as the first ever Marijuana Farmer’s Market and Cannabis Museum, Acres quickly became one of the most recognizable brands in Vegas. Greenlight will continue this path in medical cannabis to bring our patients not only the quality and consistency they desire, but a unique experience that will keep them coming in.

Cannabis Quality:   Greenlight recognizes that new markets will have difficulties when it comes to sourcing quality product for their patients. With that foresight, we strive to be a vertically integrated organization in the markets we serve. This means Greenlight not only intends to cater to the needs of our patients in our dispensaries, but also supply the products they are consuming. By producing our own products, we control every aspect of the quality. From planting the seeds to harvesting, to packaging, all the way to the patient, it is under our watchful eye.
Customer Service: Greenlight Dispensary Harrisonville is prepared to meet every patient need. We have brought in experts from all around the country to ensure our associates and managers are not only highly educated in cannabis, but also in customer service. Each patient’s experience will be customized to their exact needs as they are working one on one with a member of our team.
Stop by any one of our Greenlight locations and allow us to help improve your life through cannabis.

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