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Greenlight Dispensary Kansas City

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Greenlight Dispensary Kansas City

Greenlight Dispensary Kansas City – Located just off of Bannister road, this dispensary provides extremely easy access to many in the Kansas City area looking to fill their medical marijuana prescriptions. Boasting over 150 5 Star Google reviews, exceptional customer service and a wide variety of products, this dispensary has it all!

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Rewards Point Sytem: They have a unique point system that can really help out. I’ve personally gotten 1/8’s, pipes and more just from points! Be sure to ask about this.

Just some of Greenlight Dispensary Kansas City’s Google Reviews:

  • “Love all the locations of Greenlight! I’ve got favorites at each South East Missouri locations. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through amazing customer service. Never a complaint!”
  • “the quality of the product and the staff’s knowledge is the reason I only shop here. lots of perks to help offset costs. best customer service, hours are great and they even have a drive through.”
  • “Awesome staff …. Great chill discreet kind of environment…. Awesome product as well as good prices. Thanks a lot. Look forward to doing more business with Greenlight!!!!”
  • “Loved visiting this place. I can’t remember his name but (I was the lady who’s DL wouldn’t work)!!lol such a very knowledgeable young man who knew what he was doing and answered so many of my questions. To the lady who was there assisting with everything was amazing as well. The front desk gentleman was very professional and very attentive. Way to go everyone ! “

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4900 East Bannister Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64137, United States

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