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Happy Rock Farms – Kansas City MO

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  • 3816 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States of America

Happy Rock Farms Kansas City MO

Happy Rock Farms brings hydroponic and soil grow equipment to midtown Kansas City. By providing their customers with a unique and extremely effective soil blend, they are able to set themselves aside from other KCMO Grow Shops.

Home of ‘The Dank’ Organic Living Soil crafted by this grow shop. This living soil, combined with their ‘Dank Dust’, will bring any grow to successful fruition, when used properly. Growing marijuana can be a little tricky, but the staff at this business have to experience to help with any questions you may have.

Customer Service can make or break a business, in this case it is definitely adding to the benefits of visiting the store. According to their 5 star reviews, they have exceptional customer service! So you will be happy to know that when you go to Kansas City to find a weed grow store near you, these people will do you right.

Happy Rock Farms Living Soil Price as of Nov 2021 (subject to change):

·         1 bag = $36.99

·         5 bags – $33.99 each

·         10 bags – $30.00 each

Worm Castings – Grow Equipment – Lights – Circulation Fans – Trim Bins – Nutrients – Containers – Compost – Fox Farm Soil – Nectar of the Gods – Dank Dust – PH Pen – Exhaust Fans – Intake Fans – More!

Happy Rock Farms Reviews:

  • “The store is amazing!! Chris was so real honest was a HUGE help i asked a couple of questions chris helped me get to the point where i want to be!! will certainly come back and keep coming back…so much knowledge of his passion”
  • “Visited this store today out of curiosity of my love of plants. The two guys working were very helpful with my questions. I have wanted to branch out to hydroponics but have not found any stores in KC to purchase the equipment. This store has all of the necessary equipment (and then some) for beginner to experienced. Will definitely be a return customer.”

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3816 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States of America

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