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Harvest Grow Supply Springfield MO

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Harvest Grow Supply Springfield MO

Harvest Grow Supply Springfield MO has 6000 square feet of all kinds of different products and materials for your Missouri cannabis growing needs. Have questions? They got answers! Customer Service – Excellent!

Online Shopping Available – Lights – Soil – Soilless Mediums – Hydroponic Equipment – More!

Harvest Grow Supply Springfield Reviews:

  • “This is a pretty neat place. The owners are very friendly and down to earth. They answered all of my questions and were very knowledgeable about their products and hydroponic production. Their prices were very reasonable too, I was genuinely surprised! I’ll for sure be back for all of my hydroponic needs.”
  • “The guys in here are great, very knowledgeable, and they helped me save ( not 15% on car insurance) a good deal of money on several products i was going to get off Amazon. Best part was all the advice on how to proceed with my new hobby and knowing if I need help they got my back. Amazon can’t beat the service and knowledge received here, I’ll definitely be back.”
  • “They are awesome! This place know their stuff. They are really nice! I visited them because I need supplies for my first grow. I was still deciding on how to grow. They assisted me on figuring it out. They did not try to sell me more than what I needed. I will be going back. Highly recommended!”
  • “They’re very knowledgeable and helpful! My husband is more familiar with hydro and aquaponics, but I’m a newb, so it’s nice to have a place to go for helpful suggestions. We’re so excited to start a garden this year!”

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1332 North Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, Missouri 65802, United States

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