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Hemp Haven Liberty MO

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Hemp Haven Liberty MO

Hemp Haven Liberty MO is in the Top 10 Best CBD Stores in the Mid-west!!

Promotes relaxation
CBD targets and works with the receptors in your body that help with your mood and make you feel calmer.
Increases appetite
When anxiety keeps you from feeling hungry, CBD can ease the tension and boost your appetite.
Fights insomnia
Not only does CBD make it easier to fall asleep, but it also helps you stay asleep through the night.
Relieves pain
Unlike most pain medications, CBD fights chronic pain without the threat of serious side effects.
Relieves headache
CBD not only alleviates headache pain, but it may also affect the frequency of your headaches.
Improves mood
While CBD will not alter your mood, it can make you happier when it fights other areas like pain and insomnia.

Contact Hemp Haven Today or Stop By Anytime!

Just like many Americans, Jay Humfeld and Danielle Friedrich were stuck in their day jobs, unhappy.  Danielle was in the medical field, managing multiple practices.  Jay worked in sales and training management for Corporate America.  At 29, Danielle lost her sister and suffered from severe anxiety and depression and before long started having panic attacks.  Jay was very active playing sports, diving, and practicing martial arts but suffered from severe back pain.  After two back surgeries, he still wasn’t able to find full relief and get back doing the things he loved.  Then they both found CBD and it changed their lives.

After using CBD for some time and seeing the benefits, they decided to start their own website to sell CBD.  They soon realized that people wanted to talk to someone, ask questions, touch the product, simple things that a website couldn’t offer.  So after many late nights of deep discussions, they decides to roll the dice and give up their full time jobs and open Hemp Haven.  Less than 30 days after opening their doors, they had sold 2 additional franchises. 

Franchising was never really a consideration,  but just like they learned from the website, people wanted more in person interaction.  Fast forward to present day after being open only 10 months, they now have 12 stores and are looking for more franchises.  Their goal is to be the largest CBD franchise in the country.  They have streamlined the process for new owners, and offer support and guidance allowing new locations to start out successful.

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214 N State Route 291, Liberty, Missouri 64068, United States

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