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Kathmandu Clinic | Kirkwood MO

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  • 111 Prospect Avenue, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122, United States of America
  • +1 9188143996

10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Kathmandu Clinic

Kathmandu Clinic has the solution to the broken healthcare system in the US. They have been frustrated with the system as a physician and more personally as a patient. They have felt vulnerable and helpless.


“I feel like the sacred bond between the physician and patient needs to be restored.
Who am I?
I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. My worldview encompasses the East and the West. I incorporate the philosophy that one’s mind, body, and ātman (Sanskrit: inner self or soul) need investigation when approaching one’s health.
What am I?
I am honored to be a physician with a concierge medical practice in St. Louis, Missouri. My medical education ensured that I continued to uphold my heritage and values. I am a dedicated osteopathic physician who is committed to my Eastern principles. I incorporate this into my daily life and encourage my patients to do the same.”

Kathmandu Clinic Reviews

  • “I have only seen Dr. Strong twice. She is wonderful ❤ A doctor who actually listens to what you’re saying, cares how you feel, and she is incredibly sweet. I have all specialists’ doctors. I have a few autoimmune diseases, cognitive problems, and other various issues. And really like her. I feel like she can help me. I definitely recommend going to see her. Plus, her office is beautiful!!!”
  • “Healing process begins when your doctor sits down to educate you about your problems and Dr. Strong is that. She is very caring and gives you honest opinion. I have been treated by the doctor; you can say I was her first patient. She has helped me all these years. She is hardworking, compassionate. We need more doctors like her.”
  • “Dr. Strong took the necessary time to listen to me regarding my diet, lifestyle and health goals. From this she helped show me how to live my healthiest (and therefore best) life. I didn’t feel like I was getting “one sized fits all” advice but rather a practical solution tailored to my physiology and preferences. We need more doctors like Dr. Strong!”

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111 Prospect Avenue, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122, United States of America

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