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KC Grow Depot

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KC Grow Depot – Gladstone MO

KC Grow Depot brings all your indoor and outdoor gardening supplies to a convenient and safe location. Whether it be simple nutrients or a full-blown grow setup. This shop has you covered and then some!

KC Grow Depot – Grow Equipment

They have a wide variety of grow supplies. Tents, nutrients, solutions, soils, fungicides and pesticides and so much more! Hydroponic and soil grow supplies available.


  • “I got some Foxfarm nutrients here for my small hydroponic garden and my tomatoes are doing very well. It was easy to switch over and it’s much cheaper than the Aerogarden brand nutrients. I hope to expand soon.”
  • “I was cold about this store from a friend of mine. If I went there to pick up a few things. The store is wonderful. It’s arranged nice an easy to find things. The gentleman behind the counter was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the items that he had on hand. I will definitely be shopping here more.”
  • “Had a wonderful experience! Ordered an unusual sized flood table and it was available for pick up 2 days later! Staff member even helped me load it into my truck. Finding out I live by a great hydro store has been a pleasant surprise.”
  • “The staff is always very friendly and super helpful. I learn something new every time I come here. This store has had everything I’ve needed from soil to hydro to help me a long the way. Would highly recommend to anyone from novice to pro.”

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7302 N Oak Trfy, Kansas City, Missouri 64118, United States

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