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Local Cannabis Company Kansas City Dispensary

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  • 1004 West 45th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States

Local Cannabis Company Kansas City MO

Being from California, this company brings experience and industry knowledge to the table. By growing with top of the line marijuana genetics Local Cannabis Company provides clients with top shelf quality medical marijuana in Missouri.

By using the approach of making customer service a priority, they are able to set themselves apart from many other dispensaries. This shows in both the quality of your experience and the quaility of the product.

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Looking for Work in the Kansas City area? They are Currently Accepting Applications

Take a Look at Their Reviews:

  • “Easy, smooth, and quick shopping experience. Knowledgeable and engaging staff. Nice variety and selections! Looking forward to seeing how it continues to grow and expands.”
  • “Great local shop ran by super awesome people. I went in for a deal that they were running. Chris was my budtender that had great recommendations and was very knowledgeable. Didn’t catch the guy’s name that was behind the window, but he was also super cool. Will be back.”
  • “Great small local dispensary. They have lots of hi-end products. Try the delicious sodas: they are very yum. The staff is very helpful and kind. A bunch of locals in a local shop. Come through and support good people doing great things and providing medicine for so many. Thank you, Local Cannabis Company. You and your team are everyday heroes. I will definitely be back for more.”

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1004 West 45th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States

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