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Ofallon MO Grow Shop – The Happy Grower Hydroponics

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10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Ofallon MO Grow Shop – The Happy Grower Hydroponics

Ofallon MO Grow Shop – The Happy Grower Hydroponics has everything a cannabis grower could desire. From LED lights to Grow tents, give them a look today!

Ofallon MO Grow Shop – Cannabis Cultivation Supplies

  • Environment Controls – Filters, Fans, ducts and more here. They carry AC Infinity products, which is a huge plus for me. As well as many other items that other grow shops don’t carry. Such as Ona Marijuana Odor Blocker.
  • Accessories Galore – Grinders, Trellis setups, cannabis pest control solutions and all kinds of other goodies in this section.
  • Lights / Timers – Gavita? Why yes they have it! From HPS to LED, it’s in-stock!
  • Nutrients and More – Powder, Liquid and other types of nutrients available.
  • Much more!

Happy Grower Hydroponics Reviews

  • “The happy grower is easily the best grow store around. Lucas and James really care about their customers. They are genuinely interested in helping maximize garden yields while being as cost effective as possible. Happy Grower also spent the time to explain why and how you should use the products they carry. They are also willing to share ANY knowledge they have to make your garden run at its peak. I’ve never had a question they couldn’t answer.”
  • “Loved my experience at The Happy Grower Hydroponics. Super-friendly staff. Excellent Service. The moment you walk in you get a warm welcome by staff. Don’t be fooled because it’s just another Grow Store. Definitely will be returning in the future.”
  • “I have a bamboo and aloe plant that weren’t doing so well and I went up there not knowing what I needed to save them, Luke and James were able to tell just from a picture what I needed. It’s now been a few weeks and my plants are perfectly healthy again.”
  • “Very knowledgeable people. Always willing to answer your questions and explain anything you want to know. I talked to Luke for an hour about all kinds of different topics. That young man knows more about growing then anyone i have ever met. I won’t go anywhere else for my growing needs. Thanks for all the help guys!”

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322 Fort Zumwalt Square, O'Fallon, MO 63366

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