Organic Remedies Dispensary Sedalia MO strives to improves the overall health and well being of patients. They take their job seriously and it shows! Their passion they have about the healing of cannabis is incomparable.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana - By offering a wide variety of medicinal products that treat medical conditions, Organic Remedies Dispensary Sedalia MO has patients covered when it comes to acquiring their medicine in a timely fashion.

Organic Remedies knows their role in the community and makes every effort to be an added benefit by adding jobs, patient care, education and discounts for qualified patients.

Vision - To be leaders in the continued education and advancement in Missouri Medical Marijuana via research, patient care and genetic programs. This is all to improve the overall wellness and experience for patients.

Mission - Following up on their vision, the mission of Organic Remedies is to produce and distribute affordable medical cannabis in Missouri. While continuing to research and advance medical marijuana therapies and patient overall care.

What to expect when going to Organic Remedies Dispensary Sedalia MO the first time -

  • Much like other dispensaries, you'll hit the small lobby area, where you will need your Patient Card and your current unexpired ID. After a little paperwork, you'll be allowed through to the main waiting area. This waiting area won't matter much, as you will only be there for a minute or two (they work fast, so people don't tend to wait long.)
  • After being called back, you'll gain access to a small but effective room, which would be their main transaction area. This is where you will be given a list of current products / shown products. Be sure to ask about daily deals, if any.
  • To make the process easier on you and give yourself more time to look around, be sure to check out their menu online. You can also pre-order via this menu and pay when you get there.
  • After paying, you will get your medicine, with patient labels and be happily on your way!

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