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Proper Cannabis Warrenton MO

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  • 711 N State Highway 47, Warrenton, Missouri 63383, United States

Proper Cannabis Warrenton MO

Proper Cannabis Warrenton MO Dispensary is about elevating your life with premium cannabis. We’re commercial cultivators with an artisan mindset. Every decision we make reflects our goal: grow the best cannabis and deliver unparalleled customer service.

Proper Recreational Warrenton Marijuana

This dispensary is now accepting customers 21+ with a valid ID for recreational sales!


Our goal was never to be the biggest company in Missouri, it was simply to improve the lives of the citizens of Missouri through thoughtfully and carefully crafted cannabis products by growing the best cannabis.

It’s about not taking shortcuts, never sacrificing time for quality. Proper Cannabis Warrenton MO Dispensary does it for our employees, we do it for our plants, and, most importantly, we do it for our patients. Our commitment is to quality—doing things the Proper way.

It all starts with world class genetics. We have over 60 different handpicked strains for a reason. From heirloom strains to exotic hybrids, our premium flower is cultivated for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production to suit your needs and preferences.

Address: 711 N State Hwy 47, Warrenton MO 63383 

Proper Cannabis Warrenton Reviews

Besame Wellness currently carries this brand and it is one of the best they have. I personally have tried the Proper Fatso and it was an extremely unique smoke with a heavy hit to it. Here’s just a few reviews from others:

  • “These people have it going on!!! To the staff,to the products,to the service…..all top notch!!!. They definitely have all their “kinks” worked out since opening because it’s very nice. They have THE BEST concentrates and cartridges in missouri HANDS DOWN. I have tried a lot of other brands also,these people know what they’re doing. Iam a loyal customer and will continue to be!!”
  • “he staff is great! Very friendly and informative. Not to mention the quality of there products is outstanding. So if your looking for a place to fill your prescriptions I highly reccomend using Proper Cannabis.”

Check Out Our Clinic Listings If you don’t already have a card!

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711 N State Highway 47, Warrenton, Missouri 63383, United States

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