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ReLeaf Dispensary Grandview MO

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ReLeaf Dispensary Grandview MO

Releaf Dispensary Grandview MO

Address: 13836 S. US 71 HWY, Grandview MO 64030

Phone:(816) 597-4768

Releaf Dispensary Grandview MO is here to provide Missouri patients with access to alternative medicine, medical devices & supplies, apparel and more!

They offer several dispensary locations in Missouri so customers have the convenience of being able to get their medicine without needing to make a long drive.  They also offer online ordering options, daily deals, patient discounts and resources that help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Welcome to ReLeaf!
We are a local business from Grandview, MO looking to make a difference in the lives of our patients through the medical cannabis industry. When you walk into our dispensary, you can breathe a sigh of ReLeaf knowing our professional staff aims to provide you with the products that best suit your needs. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

ReLeaf Dispensary Grandview MO Reviews – 

“Very organized. Everyone is very friendly and exceedingly helpful. Even the security guards go beyond. During our first visit the deputy offered to get my wife stool, noticing she was limping and using a cane. She is recovering from a broken hip. The staff listen to needs, walk patients through various options and recommendations. Good selection and reasonable prices made better by specials. We use the edibles specials on Wednesdays. We highly recommend.”

“I love everything about this dispensary. I’ve been to several in the KC area and have had a few not so great experiences. I’ve NEVER walked out of ReLeaf feelings like I was rushed, my questions were stupid or I was annoying the budtenders (looking at you Lees summit dispensary). Literally everyone has been very knowledgeable and so so friendly, but Eric especially is awesome! Once I tell him a few things I like and what relief I’m looking for he’s off and running with recommendations and I’ve liked all of them so far. The security guards are personable and entertaining when there’s a wait and their online ordering system is on point. I’ll be coming here for the foreseeable future!”

– Don’t have a a medical marijuana card yet? Check Out Local Missouri Clinics Here! –

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13836 I 49, Grandview, Missouri 64030, United States

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