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River Market Hydro

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River Market Hydro Kansas City

River Market Hydro is one of the oldest Hydroponic stores in the country. Our goal is to be the premier Hydro Store with the best service bar none. If you have a question on gardening hydroponic or soil, we will have the answer. Great selection on HID and LED lighting, hoods, ballast, grow tents, nutrients, and assortment of the best soils.

River Market Hydro Reviews

  • “Went in just to check it out earlier today. Bennie, the owner was the one working. He was friendly and ready to help. I let him know that I was just looking around and not interested in buying anything…nonetheless, he gave me a thorough education in many of the products available at his store as well as told me about upcoming events and sales. Customer service is top notch, even if you are not a customer. It’s rare to find a business with such knowledgeable staff, I was totally impressed. Really neat store near City Market, definitely worth checking out.”
  • “Despite some of the lower, negative reviews you may see, this is a great place for all things grow related. Great amount of inventory for a “small” shop as some have stated. With two locations, highly knowledgeable & personable staff that’s willing to answer any and every question you’ve got, I highly recommend you pay them a visit.”
  • “Top notch! I had researched hydroponics for weeks and built a list of things I needed online, but after literally two minutes in the store talking with Alex she put all my worries aside and filled in every gap in my knowledge that I needed to get started. If you’re new to hydroponics, this place is a must before you purchase anything!! I ended up walking out with a great little kit that we pieced together in the store to match my needs and extra confidence to get me going! Great place, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and reasonable prices. One thing I love to stress is how friendly and down to earth the staff is, this place is great for anyone wanting to learn more about plants and/or hydroponics!”

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12 East Missouri Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64106, United States of America

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