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Roark Family Health | Cassville MO – Medical Marijuana Certifications

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Roark Family Health

Roark Family Health | Cassville MO – Medical Marijuana Certifications

Roark Family Health is a Direct Primary Care clinic & Spa, you pay an affordable monthly fee for unlimited access to your Doctor. Meet Dr. Roark!

Roark Family Health is a direct primary care clinic, which means two great things for our patients: cutting out unnecessary expense and the hassle of dealing with medical insurance.

Are you tired of never knowing what your insurance will cover, unexpected bills for services that aren’t covered, never knowing what applies to your deductible or how much more you will have to spend to reach your deductible? At Roark Family Health we have cut out the middle man, therefore, saving you a significant amount of money.

We provide unlimited comprehensive primary care for all ages and stages of health.
-Wellness and prevention education -Chronic disease management
-Urgent care services -Women’s health
-Weight loss management -Minor procedures
Roark Family Heatlh provides direct care to our members for a simple monthly fee that covers most of your healthcare needs.

They also take a limited number of members, which allows us longer appointment times and more involved care.

As well as having greatly discounted labs, x-rays, and other services to lower your out-of-pocket healthcare expense.

Membership Fees:

  • 1 adult $100/month
  • Married couple $150/month
  • Family with children add $20/month per child with a maximum family expense of $200/month

20% discount for employers with 3 or more total participating employees, when employer is covering the group as a whole.

Membership fees are prepaid monthly, with direct withdrawal available.

Roark Family Health Coverage

Membership Coverage At Roark Family Health Includes:
-No co-payments, No co-insurance, No deductibles (no hidden costs)
– office visits during business hours
– nurse visits during business hours
– access to physician – Including phone, text, email
-Medical management of chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, high cholesterol, depression, birth control, etc.)
-Physical exams (Well Child, Well Woman/pap smears, school/sports physicals)
-Weight management with both medications and nutrition counseling
-Weight/blood pressure checks
-Allergy shots/vaccination administration/B-12 injections
-Ear wash
-Blood draws, pregnancy tests, urine testing
-Medical education (diabetes/asthma/COPD self-care)
-IV fluids
-Mole/Skin tag removal
-Skin biopsies
-Cortisone injections
-Joint injections
-Yearly wellness and prevention planning
-Women’s health including pap smears, contraception, IUD insertion/removal and Nexplanon insertion/removal, birth control injections
-Same day appointments, pending availability
-Longer appointment times (average 30 minutes to 1 hour)
-Greatly discounted labs, x-rays, vaccinations and other services–Our cost is your cost!

The only additional expenses to the monthly membership fees will be for medications and supplies used. Any medications prescribed and dispensed at the clinic will be charged at the clinic’s cost. If we don’t have the medications you need in stock, we can order them from the wholesaler or even write a prescription to take to your favorite pharmacy. Likewise, any labs ordered and drawn at the clinic will be at the cost to process the labs.

We also offer a medical spa:
-Professional Microdermabrasion
-Chemical Peels
-Laser Hair Removal
-Laser Photorejuvenation
-Dermal Fillers
-Latisse for eyelash enhancement

Check out our website for more information and prices.

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1101 Main St, Cassville, Missouri 65625, United States

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