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Website Shango Marijuana Dispensary Springfield MO

Shango Marijuana Dispensary Springfield MO is their third location in Missouri! Shango had such a good turnout at their other two locations and decided it was time to give Springfield a taste of the good life 😉

Their website and online menu are extremely easy to access and doesn’t really hang up much like many of the other online menus on other websites. That was very welcoming as a first impression. Upon inspection of their flower brands and prices, I would say they are on-par with other similar shops in the area. However, the brands are some of the best you’re going to find. Including Cookies, Kosmik, Proper and many others. Shango Marijuana Dispensary Springfield also has a wide offering of edibles. Which is my personal favorite. Their reviews are extremely good, with almost all 5-star ratings:


  • “This was my first time visiting this dispensary and had a great experience. The staff was very helpful even when I called with some questions before coming by. I’ll definitely be returning”
  • “My first shop I came to in Missouri. Coming from California where the prices are literally half of what they are here it’s hard to be happy about the prices. But they are the same as most shops in town when you compare menus. Been twice and both times I was in and out fast, online order was ready for pick up, staff was friendly. Strip mall location with lots of parking. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a place in town that has 1-gram cartridges yet. Having to come back often due to this will be annoying. I really like the Lilac Diesel flower. helped out my anxiety and neck tension. Got 15 % off my first visit too. I really want a v neck t shirt. I’ll be back”
  • BEST IN SPRINGFIELD. QUALITY of product is AMAZING, but the ATMOSPHERE and the way you’re treated like an actual Patient made this place my GO TO SHOP I refuse to go back to places like GREENLIGHT where you’re treated like complete DIRT compared to SHANGO! If you’re looking for the right place for you. it’s going to be here.

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1868 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804

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