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Sleepy Trees Grow Supply Neosho MO

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11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Sleepy Trees Grow Supply – Neosho MO

Sleepy Trees Grow Supply – Neosho MO is happy to supply customers in the area with hydroponic and other solutions for their growing needs. Whether it’s nutrients, soil, pipes and more!

Neosho MO Grow Shop Reviews

  • “Man this place is literally AWESOME dude literally has EVERYTHING you need for a successful grow as well as plenty of stuff for your heady needs!! Owner is super helpful and knowledgeable and very friendly! Great experience!! Glad I drove from Springfield to check it out! Also the closest place in Springfield to carry “The Dank” soil.”
  • “Nice clean store, friendly, helpful fella by the name of Kyle there to help out. Pretty good stock for the size of the store and Kyle seems willing to order anything one wants. I’ll be coming back for more.”
  • “This is an amazing place. The owner is very informative and very helpful. Large variety of pipes and growth products. Go see Sleepy Trees!”
  • “Awesome staff and super knowledgeable!!! Wide selection of everything!!”
  • “From seed to flower and your favorite concentrate they have what you need to make it yourself”
  • “Happy to share information honest fair priced and he’s cool what more do you want”

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919 W Harmony St, Neosho, MO 64850

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