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St Louis Grow Supply – Grow Gear

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St Louis Grow Supply Shop – Grow Gear offers both in-store and online shopping. This makes it easy for customers to shop at any time from this great cannabis grow store.

When shopping at Grow Gear St Louis Grow Supply Shop – You’ll notice the knowledge and skill that the workers at this shop possess. With roots going back to California, Grow Gear is no stranger to the cannabis industry.

Just a few of their reviews below:

  • “The owner is awesome. Most items are cheaper here than online. Although some items are pricey I can tell it’s only because the owner strictly wants quality items on the self. I’m literally returning this week. 10 stars if I could”
  • “These people know their stuff and are very friendly. They usually always have what I need or will get it if not. It’s in a great neighborhood also. This is my new spot for all my gardening needs and more”
  • “Good prices, lots of available products and an excellent resource for growers in the person of the owners. Nice people.”
  • “Great store and great people Thank you Grow Gear for all the love and support!”
  • “Very friendly and with good prices. Always willing to help. Great mom and pop type shop. Would recommend a visit.”
  • “Great place great atmosphere cool people and they have everything you need to grow own .”
  • “Great customer service, locally owned, good selection. Better prices than online, and I don’t have to wait for delivery. Definitely my favorite place for garden and grow room supplies”

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3217 Ivanhoe Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63139, United States

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