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The Green Clinics | Kansas City

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10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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The Green Clinics – Kansas City

The Green Clinics Overview
Missouri Medical Clinic: Schedule your evaluation now to see if you qualify for a Physician Certification to apply for a Missouri MJ card! Must meet qualifying conditions. Must be a Missouri resident with valid ID and have medical records which show your diagnosis. No product or cash on site.

Education & Wellness Workshops also offered on Saturdays!

The Green Clinics Reviews

  • “I am going to wait until fall to see the M.D. but I don’t understand how so many people are frustrated with the company! I read the website information and it is as transparent as can be. They list the costs, the qualifying conditions. And even explain the earliest dates to submit/ approval for medical marijuana cards in Missouri. So many people are not good readers and they make anything look bad. I am very grateful to find a facility that is offering such a great fee for the service. After looking at others, I found them to be the most affordable. For someone like myself that is disabled awaiting an approval from SSA. I have zero income so I pray that complainers doesn’t cause the prices to go up. Before I am able to be evaluated. Thanks Green Clinics!”
  • “After they opened we got right in my husband has two different kinds of cancer and his doctors will only give him pain meds while he is doing chemotherapy. I didn’t know where to turn so we decided to give this a try. There were two drs in the office as well as an Attorney also two receptionists. They helped us get everything ready for the doctor we brought in a copy of the proof he had cancer and his medications. We had gone online and made and paid for his appointment. And my husband got a discount for being ex-military and completely disabled. He was approved by the doctor he explained he would email us his script and approval. They may have given it to him that day. Anyway we had to wait a few weeks til the state would open to take the approvals from the doctor. As amazing is this is they, the state started taking applications early and the green clinic contacted me to tell us when the state would be open. I got online the first day sent in all medical approvals from the green clinic. And my husband id and a new picture of him and he was one of the first to get his medical marijuana card approval. I can tell you how nice it was at the green clinic. If I had any problems loading his info they went out of there way to help me. My husband has cancer but he doesn’t have to be in pain or sick anymore. Since all of this is online and we only have a cell phone it wasn’t easy but they walked me threw it.”

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415 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64105, United States of America

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