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Waldo Dispensary – Fresh Green Dispensaries

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12:00 PM - 07:00 PM
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  • Waldo
  • Posted 1 year ago

Waldo Dispensary Kansas City

Waldo Dispensary Kansas City -Fresh Geen Dispensaries has a long-standing stake in Missouri, as many of the members are decades-long residents of the state. Combined with experience and skill, they provide a high-quality and safe atmosphere. As well as top-notch cannabis.

Recreational Marijuana Now Available

This Location is now serving both THC and CBD products to those 21+ with a valid ID.

With Dispensaries located in Lee’s Summit and Waldo, Kansas City, they provide great locations and hours. When visiting, you will typically have little to no wait-time. But online ordering / pickup is an option to avoid any wait time.

Waldo Dispensary – Fresh Green Reviews

  • “Best dispensary in the KC area!! The staff is super friendly & knowledgeable & they always give great recommendations. Fresh Green provides a relaxed, fun environment that’s perfect for an anxious patient like me. They have a vast selection & they keep their online menu updated. They also have the best deals in town, trust me! I’ve visited every dispensary from the Northland to Grandview & Fresh Green Waldo is simply the best!! Logan & Margaret have been helping me since I first came in a year ago, I would highly recommend requesting them but everybody there is wonderful!”
  • “This is a very awesome dispensary. While both locations are very well stocked with varieties and competitively priced the staff seem to be more laid back and friendly but yet professional at the Waldo location. Brad, one of the security officers there, is very friendly and yet makes you feel safe at that location. Logan is a VERY knowledgeable budtender and will gladly explain and answer any and all of your questions to a person has but still make one feel very welcome there. The owners, Rob and Bianca, take pride in their business and if you have any issue, they correct it fully. Your staff are awesome especially at Waldo location. Will highly recommend this business anytime and will continue to visit this dispensary.”

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7130 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, MO 64114

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