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Missouri Cannabis Lounges are set to be the next big thing in MO. Aside from legalizing recreational marijuana. But what are cannabis lounges and how will they benefit the community? Are cannabis lounges effective and safe? We answer those questions and more below.

What are Missouri Cannabis Lounges?

A cannabis lounge, simply put, is a place for groups of people to gather to consume cannabis. Much like a bar, even more like a hookah lounge, from my understanding. They will provide safe, legal, public areas to purchase and consume marijuana in the Missouri area. Why would someone want to go to a cannabis lounge instead of their home? Easy answer, it’s the same as why a person would go to a bar for a beer, socialization. These places allow you to be around others that share the same interest, as well as to make new friends.

Benefits of Safe Missouri Consumption Areas

At this point, you might be thinking about a group of college students just partying it up at one of these places. These lounges are for so much more than that though. They will provide an increase in tourism, safe areas to consume for those that live in the area and can’t consume at their residence for any reason. As well as areas for events and banquets.

Something cannabis consumers and tourists can look forward to is the KC Metro area Cannabis Entertainment District. Which will provide a variety of entertainment options, including an amphitheater, food / drink areas, event areas and wedding venues. This will be beneficial to both consumers and the city in many ways.

When Will Cannabis Lounges be Open in Missouri?

There is no exact date that they will begin appearing. However, an educational guess would be sometime in early February. Which is when recreational should be available at dispensaries. The entertainment district is still in the building process, so that will be longer. There are a couple of private consumption lounges already. They require a medical card, membership and are not open to the public though.