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Missouri Dispensary Workers Union Election

Brad K

Missouri Dispensary Workers Union St Louis

Missouri Dispensary Workers Union Election

Missouri Dispensary Workers Union Election – With a lot of recent talk amongst Missouri cannabis workers in the industry, a petition has now been submitted by Swade Cannabis in St Louis for a union election.

According to, there’s six product specialists that are going to be part of the group that will be doing the bargaining during this process.

The company has not responded to the current request for a cannabis workers union as of this time.

A union in and of itself serves the purpose of giving the union members a way of negotiate to achieve acceptable work conditions for both the member and business.

Swade Cannabis director, Jack Haddox said that Swade does not intend to stand in the way of unionization efforts and prides itself on their current salary and incentive packages. Including 100% Dental and Visual insurance.

As for the future, there is a high likeliness that the union will catch on in it’s effort. Many Missouri cannabis workers are happy with their current pay scales but they are also looking at things in the long-term as well. This also means long-term employee retention for cannabis companies.