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Missouri High Marijuana Prices

Brad K
Cannabis News

missouri marijuana dispensaries open october november 2020

Missouri High Marijuana Prices – Who’s to Blame?

Missouri High Marijuana Prices – That’s what on all of our minds right now. Why are the prices so high? What can we do about it and will we see a break in the future? Those questions are all addressed in our blog today.

Cheap Missouri Marijuana – Is It Possible?

Not only is it possible but very likely. The bad part… not anytime soon. Just like any other economy, the cannabis economy needs time to stock up on product to meet demand. As well as have safe and effective trasportation and enough Missouri dispensaries to sell the product and create competition. 

Considering this is a brand new market for Missouri, we’re probably seeing high marijuana prices due to:

  1. Not enough product for demand
  2. Dispensaries are few and far between
  3. Our current Missouri laws require all product to be sources 100% in Missouri. limiting product availability.
  4. Startup costs for commercial operations are massive, they’re probably trying to get a little money back at first.

Politics and Inspections = High Prices

Regardless of the reason, there’s no real one person to blame for Missouri high marijuana prices. However, the blame could easily be placed upon the politics that are running behind Missouri Medical Marijuana.

Because the law prohibits out of state product being sold in Missouri, dispensaries are reliant solely upon Missouri Commercial Cultivation Facilities to provide product. But only a few select cultivation facilities and dispensaries have actually opened their doors and begun operation. Mainly due to inspections taking a very long time.