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Missouri Marijuana Caregiver | Caretaker – Find One Near You

Brad K
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find missouri marijuana caregiver

Missouri Marijuana Caregiver | Caretaker

Missouri Marijuana Caregiver – How to Find a Caretaker Near You

Missouri marijuana caregiver – Find a caretaker Near You Today! We will show you a few resources in order to find a missouri marijuana caregiver. Dispensaries can be costly and also be quite a distance away. A great alternative is to have a Missouri marijuana caregiver.

Where to Start

Missouri Medical Marijuana Clinic – Get your Medical Marijuana Card 

If you do not already have a medical card, you will need to contact a clinic and acquire one. Given you have one of the existing acceptable conditions, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle at all. Some clinics will require you to have necessary paperwork, while some will simply require contact info for existing documentation. Be sure to ask the clinic or look up as to what’s needed for your appointment.

– TeleHealth Appointments – are a great thing, especially in the tough times we live in called 2020. I very much recommend going with a clinic that offers this option.

I Have my Missouri Medical Marijuana Card, What’s Next? 

This is where it can get a little tricky. Social Media is a goldmine as far as tracking down a great and reliable caregiver. With a little research and conversation, you should be able to accomodate something that’s a little more specific to you, vs a dispensary.

More info will be added here as it is found. Until then, feel free to leave a comment with any advice / tips on finding a caregiver you may have!