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Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries Open

Brad K
Cannabis News

missouri marijuana dispensaries open

Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries Open

As of this last weekend, missouri marijuana dispensaries open! With N’Bliss and Fresh Green KC both opening over the weekend and today, we begin to see pricing, availability and what to expect from Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries.

For quite some time now, we have excitedly anticipated the opening of Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries. On October 17th, 2020, the first legal sale of marijuana from a dispensary was made at N’Bliss Cannabis in Manchester, MO. As well as Fresh Green KC opened in Lee’s Summit MO as of Noon, October 19th. Expect many more Missouri Cannabis Dispensaries to be opening in the next few weeks / months.


This is going to be a rough area. At least for now. I’m not going to sugar coat it, there’s not very good deals in regards to pricing going on, or variety. From a quick glance on both companies websites, I seen an option of flower, ground flower(huh?!), Pre-Rolls and a variety of CBD Items. I have yet to see concentrates, edibles or any of the sort on their website menus. You’re looking at around $140 for a quarter ounce (70 an eighth), after taxes. So, for the time being, smoke sparingly or find a caregiver would be my best advice.

What to Expect

As of current, you’re going to want to be prepared for lines and be absolutely sure you have your medical card with you when you visit a dispensary. You DO NOT have to visit a local dispensary. You can visit any dispensary in the State of Missouri with your card. If you have a card already, that should be all you need to get in the door. However, if you do not have one, you can call ahead to the dispensary and ask if they have a doctor on site for certifications or referrals. You can also visit our clinics tab to find a clinic near you.

Safe Journeys

Remember, don’t smoke and drive. Police are being trained to detect when you are under the influence and you should be 100% sober when visiting your local dispensary. Have cash for your transaction to avoid dispensary ATM fees. Most importantly, have a safe journey and be sure to share your experience!