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Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries Opening October – November 2020

Brad K

missouri marijuana dispensaries open october november 2020

Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries Opening
October – November 2020

What to expect, Where to go and What You Will Need.

It’s 2020, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket without a parachute and all we want is our medicine! Well, It looks like some are actually listening, as dispensaries are set to open within the next few weeks here in Missouri, we give you a good idea of what you will be looking at, price-wise, where to go and what’s required to be able to have an easy and flawless purchase transaction.

Luckily for Missouri Marijuana patients, the process of getting licenses and opening dispensaries was not impeded by the business-side of effects from Covid-19. This means that grow facilities and dispensaries were able to continue their application and approval / inspection processes, with the first Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries set to open within the next couple of weeks.


Dispensaries will be offering everything from simple flower and concentrates to unique edibles and other options. Many of these options, most people do not have the know-how, equipment, time or ability to create on their own, so it’s extremely convenient to have a Missouri dispensary close by in order to acquire your medicine. That should not be a problem at all, considering there are 192 licensed dispensaries in Missouri at this time.

So, which of these dispensaries will be opening first? There’s quite a bit of talk about this and it’s still not completely sure as to which one will be the absolute first to open in the state. However, there are a few that are really starting to show promise. Some of them being Old Route 66 Wellness in Springfield, Cassville Dispensary in Cassville and From the Earth Dispensary in Kansas City and several other locations. Your best bet to stay up-to-date is to be signed up to any of your local dispensaries newsletters and social media pages.

Pricing – This will be sad part. I have personally spoken with one local dispensary owner and have been confirmed that prices, at least initially, will be anything but cheap. Because of the low product supply and insanely high demand, prices will more than likely be on-par with what you see in Illinois. Being 60 an eighth, 100 a quarter and so on. Possibly even more. Myself, I plan to only go to buy shatter and edibles until the pricing goes down. (I grow my own flower but would use a caregiver if I didn’t, no way I’m paying that much. Nor should you.)

Regardless of my opinion on pricing, upcoming dispensaries in Missouri will be a great thing and will bring both income and jobs to our State. Not to mention, you no longer have to go to the juggalo down the road to get bottom of the bin cannabis for top shelf prices.