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Missouri Marijuana Jobs Make Up Roughly 1 in 10 New Missouri Jobs

Brad K
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Missouri Marijuana Jobs

Missouri Marijuana Jobs Make Up Roughly 1 in 10 New Missouri Jobs

Missouri Marijuana Jobs make up roughly one in ten new Missouri Jobs within just their first full year of operation. With over 7000 jobs listed in the industry in 2021, we can see that not only is Missouri cannabis here to stay, but it’s here to help! By help, I mean over 200 million dollars in revenue in the first operating year!

Considering over 300 facilities in Missouri and more coming. Along with 6500 agent cards for workers already approved. Missouri Marijuana jobs are going to be in steady growth for the foreseeable future.

With over 77,000 jobs added to the state of Missouri during 2021, over 7000 of those jobs were actually cannabis related. Putting them just about to the 10% mark for overall job listings in the state. By placing facilities in areas that need employment, such as Flora Farms in Humansville MO, marijuana jobs is beneficial to more than just it’s consumers.

How to Find Missouri Marijuana Jobs

There’s no single best way, but the best way to get yourself noticed is to be sure to follow up about applications and try your best to obtain some kind of training for any positions that require some kind of experience. If you have a strong customer service background, be sure to let them know when applying for positions like Customer Relations or similar.

One of the websites that list quite a few cannabis jobs is Indeed. They have a pretty clean format and there’s also some basic contact info on the company listings there to get in touch with them later to follow up on your application.

Another strategy is to go to the company websites directly. Many of them will have an online application option where you can apply online. Be aware, there are a lot of people applying for cannabis jobs, so don’t give up!

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