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Who’s Hiring and How Can You Find Missouri Marijuana Jobs?

We help you find the information you need in order to get into the Missouri Marijuana industry

With the Missouri Medical Marijuana program in full effect, jobs will most definitely be popping up. Some already are!

How can you get ahead of the curve and give yourself the best chances to get a role in the industry?

Working in the marijuana industry sounds like a great job for anyone with interest in Missouri medical marijuana. However, just like any other career, there is always work to be done.

Whether you’re looking for a job in a dispensary or looking to get into the cannabis growing field. The timing could not be better for Missourians.

With dispensaries set to open up sometime in 2020, indoor grow ops are beginning to show up on the jobs listing search engines. Let’s see what all they look for in a candidate and how you can get the skills and knowledge to get your foot in the door.

Dispensary Careers

A career in a dispensary requires just about all the things most sales jobs do, as well as being knowledgeable of all of the latest cannabis trends, applications and be able to answer questions. These skills alone make you a step above the others. But what can help set you out there, rather than just being acceptable?

One of Kansas City’s best marijuana activists and considered the Steve Jobs of Weed by media outlets, K.C. Stark, helps us get started in the right direction in a comment he made on Facebook. In his comment, he makes the sensible statement that what can really help you get set apart is to learn and know the point of sale systems that will be being used. This can really show initiative and cut back on training costs to potential employers and I sincerely agree with K.C. on this piece of advice. 

(You’ll have to stay tuned as to what point of sale systems will assuredly be used, but I believe BiotrackTHC is one of the contenders. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or drop the info if you know and can verify any other POS systems that will be used.)

— You can take all the training “university” 700 dollar classes you like, but when it comes down to it, they simply want to know you’ll do your job right and do it well. Being able to perform the tasks and having a shiny certificate are two different things. Save your money and learn the skills, don’t fall for the online certifications / seminars UNLESS they are offering job placement.

Cannabis Cultivation Careers

With Missouri, commercial cultivation is brand new. With that in mind, theres currently not much in the way of open positions. But that will surely change and it certainly doesn’t hurtto get prepared.

Let’s face it, everyone reading this more than likely loves to look at a cannabis plant, be around cannabis and has a desire to learn more on how to work with cannabis. However, cannabis can be a very demanding plant, given how complex of a grow is being performed. As well as the problems that can, and most certainly do, arise.

If I were to show you a cannabis leaf, could you not only tell me whats wrong with the plant but also how to resolve it in the quickest, most efficient manner? This is just one of the things any grower or assistant grower should absolutely know. Think to yourself, how much extra training will you need when hired? Because that’s exactly what the potential employer is going to wonder at first. Problem detection via leaf observation is just one of the many things to know when growing or helping to maintain a cannabis plant. There’s also the question of what medium you’re using (soil isn’t the only option). 

With a little bit of online research, book reading and general education (free kind unless you’re persuing a horticulture degree), you can not help grow and make cannabis thrive, but also teach and help others sharpen up their own skills. Oh, and of course, this will drastically improve your chances in getting a career in the Missouri Marijuana Cultivation industry.

Who’s Hiring and How to Find a Cannabis Job?

Most cannabis jobs / available positions can typically be found on most current online websites. Such as Indeed and Craigslist. Linkedin, along with a few good connections, can also get you quite far, in regards to getting yourself noticed. One thing worth mentioning is social media groups / online forums. These are groups where you can both teach and learn, as well as  compare and contrast. With many cannabis growers and business owners online, you’re sure to get noticed if you’re displaying your skills online.That’s just my experience thus far.