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Missouri Medical Marijuana in Hotels and Airbnb’s

Brad K
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missouri medical marijuana in hotels

Missouri Marijuana in Hotels and Airbnb’s

Missouri Marijuana in Hotels and Airbnb’s – As of right now, it is not legal to consume marijuana on the properties of either one. However, a bill recently introduced may change just that. As recreational cannabis in Missouri comes closer and closer to a real thing, this is something we should definitely get ahead of and be ready for.

The “Reduction of Illegal Public Consumption by Allowing for Compassionate Access to Medical Marijuana Act” would require a new license to be acquired by facility owners. This license would cost about $50 application fee. It allows the owner of the property to allow medical marijuana use for registered medical cannabis patients.

Of course, there’s quite a few strings attached to this, as there are fines that can be charged for certain restrictions not being followed. Such as, putting up new signs showing the main ruleset. For example: must be consumed on property, 25 feet apart from non-smoking areas.

 However, the profits should heavily outweigh the costs, as long as rules are followed. Allowing cannabis use in hotels and airbnb’s in Missouri would also increase our tourism by a landslide, once recreational marijuana is allowed in MO.

Taking a look at Colorado, we easily see that they are most certainly raking in the profits when it comes to recreational pot. Their hotels are always full in Denver, and the place is very active with tourism. Much of this can be accounted to recreational marijuana. A hotel or Airbnb with the allowance of cannabis use ALWAYS does very well in this state.

With recreational being up on the ballot in the next year or so, it’s very likely that we will see hotels and lodging facilities starting to accept and allow the use of medical marijuana on their properties here in Missouri.

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