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Missouri Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

Missouri Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries are soon to open. But when and where will we be able to get recreational cannabis in Missouri? That’s the question that many are asking. Below, we will inform you about what’s changed in the laws and what we can all look forward to.

What’s the holdup? Applications and Waiting.

As the law was just recently changed, you can imagine there is a lot in the works as far as getting everything ready for recreational sales. Once the law was changed, it was then required that any interested companies must apply for recreational licenses. Out of 322 dispensaries in the state, 318 immediately applied. At this point, the government has until February 6, 2023 to approve or deny these applications. Upon approval, the approved dispensaries will then be open for business to the public with recreational cannabis available.

Differences between Medical and Recreational Missouri Marijuana

Much like our friends over in Colorado, there will be different menus for Medical and Recreational cannabis. Some strains will only be available for medical use. If Missouri does turn out anything like Colorado, I assume we’ll see higher thc content on the medical menu. So yes, there is still very much a benefit to being a medical marijuana patient in Missouri.

Missouri Cannabis Law Changes

Now that the law has been changed, what exactly are our limits here?

  • Adults 21 and over may possess up to three ounces of cannabis. Some forms of cannabis count for more than you would think(extracts), so be careful about that.
  • Personal Cultivation, be it medical or recreational, will still require you to register and get a license to grow. From what I understand, the grow limits are the same (6 plants in each stage).
  • Lottery for dispensary licenses – This is a little different from before, where they approved based on a point system, which many thought to be a one-sided system.
  • Micro-Dispensaries – Smaller scale dispensaries with unique products. This is a great idea in my opinion, as it gives some of us out there a chance to open a dispensary without selling a kidney.
  • Taxes – Of course, these will be there. For recreational, it’s going to be a 6% tax with local communities having the ability to raise that as well. For medical patients, it will remain at 4%.