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Missouri Recreational Marijuana

Brad K
Cannabis News

missouri recreational marijuana

Missouri Recreational Marijuana

Missouri Recreational Marijuana – With all that’s been going in in recent times, it’s hard to think that we’re still making progress on the legalized cannabis front. However, we most certainly are! As dispensaries are now opening in Missouri and Missouri grow facilities are shipping out product, we can see the initial revenue from marijuana sales is going to be phenomenal. Meaning money for a variety of programs and additional local community revenue. With all of this in mind, can Missouri recreational marijuana help us even further? According to Fox 4 News of Kansas City, we could be voting on recreational marijuana as early as 2022. 

Differences between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Missouri Medical Marijuana is typically grown and / or distributed based upon the patients condition. This would not be the case for Missouri recreational marijuana. Certain strains, such as West Coast OG that’s great for ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder, would not be appealing to a recreational marijuana consumer seeking a really good head high(sativa). With recreational marijuana, you tend to see many more hybrids, as that usually serves the purpose for all shoppers in general. Basically, the real difference between recreational and medical marijuana is the fact that a medical patient will always seek their desired strains meant for their condition, while a recreational customer typically seeks hybrids of all sorts. 

Recreational Missouri Marijuana also means tourism (when there’s no virus causing problems). If you take a look at what this has done for Colorado, in regards to tourism, it’s a great thing considering they’ve brought in over 1 billion dollars in tax revenue since 2014 on recreational sales alone. Missouri could very easily have a bright future in store for recreational cannabis. 

Marijuana is Here to Stay

Regardless of your views on recreational cannabis in Missouri, we can all agree that Marijuana is most certainly here to stay. The days of buying 5% potency brick weed from a shady guy down the road are over. Whether it be medical or recreational, Marijuana has changed drastically in both it’s position in this world and it’s recognized applications.