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Recreational Missouri Marijuana Amendment on Ballot this November

Brad K
Cannabis News laws

Recreational Missouri Marijuana Amendment – A long-traveled journey has come to a milestone today. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced confirmation that the initiative will be listed on the November ballot.

After a grueling start to the initiative due to covid, the push to get signatures started back up again this year and has been picking up steam at a quick pace over the last few months. Members of Legal Missouri 2022 put together a very good strategy to get verified signatures from adults in Missouri. Resulting in the required number of signatures by the required date of turn-in.

Recreational Missouri Marijuana Amendment – What will it Mean?

  • Legalized Recreational Use for Adults – All adults 21 and over will be able to have in their possession, purchase, use or grow marijuana.
  • Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries – A minimum of 144 new facility licenses for medical marijuana companies. New license holders will not be selected based on a point system like before. But instead with a lottery system that will grant licenses.
  • Local Govt Taxes up to 3% and over $40 Million in state revenue projected.
  •  License Changes: This would change the way medical licenses are granted in a good way. With extensions given both patients and cultivators. With additional fee reductions for cultivators / caregivers.
  • Local communities will have the ability to approve recreational cannabis facilities in their local areas via vote.
  • Explained in Detail: Link to Full Initiative
recreational marijuana missouri

Not only are the above-mentioned changes going to take place. But there is also the change to employment factors. This new law would actually make employers unable to hire or fire based solely on marijuana consumption. Given stipulations (can’t be under influence on job, etc.)

Even for those who do not use cannabis or intend to, this is still a very good bill to get passed just for the revenue alone. Is it perfect? Not by any means, but what bill is? Be sure to keep an eye out for future blogs concerning the Recreational Missouri Marijuana Amendment.