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weed dispensary in kansas city mo

Weed Dispensary in Kansas City

Weed dispensary in Kansas City – Everyone wants to know when dispensaries will be opening in the actual Kansas City area. Today, we discuss a few things to give us an idea of when we can look forward to this happening and more.

Laws and Harvests

Although there are many licenses issued, there are a few things stopping dispensaries from opening. One being inspections of both facilities and dispensaries. Without that, they can’t go any further. Many people are waiting on just that. Another issue is that our current law requires us to purchase all product from inside Missouri.

When you get down to it. One of the main reasons that cannabis is in short supply in Missouri is that our laws actually require us to acquire all product from in-state. Which is great and all, but absolutely results in a slow takeoff. Meaning short supply and high prices at first, until a few more harvests are down and stocks are up.

As of December, 2020 – Only 3 Cultivators had harvested in Missouri. Just to give an idea of what this means. Dispensaries can’t open if they have no product. If they have no cultivation facilities harvesting, they have no product. 

Of course, there’s the whole virus thing that’s put a kink in some things and slowed many processes down. Mainly, the process of inspections seems to have came to a very slow crawl. This is holding many businesses back at this time. However, I would say that we will easily see a weed dispensary in Kansas City by Summer of 2021 at the latest.

If you’re in Missouri, be sure to check out our Dispensary Listings for all your cannabis needs.