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Where to Buy Legal Missouri Marijuana

Brad K

With so many Missouri residents getting their medical marijuana cards lately, people have been left to wonder what their good for at this time, considering dispensaries haven’t opened as of yet. Fret not!

Although Missouri Medical Marijuana dispensaries are not open as of yet, you could always drive up to Illinois and get some of that high priced cannabis, at about $60.00(or more) for 4 grams.

However, there is another option you can already take! Missouri Medical Marijuana patients are able to assign a caregiver to grow / provide them with medical marijuana. There are plenty out there at the moment, such as myself.

How to find a Missouri Marijuana Caregiver

As of current, a quality Missouri Medical Marijuana Caregiver is not the easiest thing to find in Missouri. However, with a little effort and determination, you can achieve finding the right caregiver that will supply you with the medicine you are needing. The below steps should help you be on your way to finding one.

Speaking as an authorized cultivator, growing quality Missouri medical marijuana requires knowledge, patience, skill and the right resources. If you find a good caregiver that you like, be sure to stick with them.